The Management of Scamosceria Astico Srl recognizes the UNIC Code of Conduct as a strategic objective to ensure compliance with the requirements outlined in the sectoral National Collective Labour Agreement (CCNL) and the proper management and improvement of Corporate Social Responsibility principles. Therefore, it deems the establishment of a company policy aimed at the quality of internal processes in line with what is specified in the UNIC Code of Conduct as essential. This policy serves as a fundamental driver for all personnel and forms the basis for the consolidation and development within the scope of Corporate Social Responsibility.

To achieve this objective, the Management appoints GIULIA MARZOLI as the Director responsible for matters related to the Code of Conduct, granting her the responsibility to manage and coordinate internal and external activities and communications concerning the UNIC Code of Conduct, which include:

  1. Child labor
  2. Forced labor
  3. Discrimination
  4. Association and bargaining
  5. Health and safety
  6. Working hours
  7. Compensation
  8. Human resource development
  9. Environment
  10. Community and category involvement and development
  11. Professionalism

The Management commits to implementing, managing, monitoring, and improving all aspects contained in this document. The Management is vested with the authority to take timely and appropriate measures to achieve and maintain the certification of the UNIC Code of Conduct by ICEC, the certification body for the leather industry. To attain this significant objective, the Management allocates the necessary resources to ensure:

To this end, the Management has defined strategies, methods, and dedicated resources. Therefore, the General Management intends to:

To materialize the aforementioned, the Management aims for continuous improvement of company processes by constantly assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of the measures taken to meet the Code’s requirements. IMPROVEMENT means:

The Manual for the Implementation of the UNIC Code of Conduct is the internal tool for enhancing the organization of the Company, documenting progress, and establishing the rules of good conduct that everyone is obligated to follow. Achieving the assigned improvement objectives requires the commitment of all levels within the organization to activate and maintain the System itself.

The Management takes responsibility for: